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~ our intentions ~

In a time where we are disconnected from one another and also ourselves, the simplicity of starting a fire with friends or even alone to contemplate life, release negative energy, set intentions or share stories in ceremony is a grounding reminder of our history and connection to one another.


Intentional Living Inspired by Nature

Spiritual Kindling is a lifestyle brand that began its magical healing journey on a 40-acre ranch perched high in the hills of Malibu, California. 

A collection of medicinal herbs and raw wood tinder join together to create our signature kindling bundles. 

Carefully collected by hand, the wood we source is forged from the fallen branches of the surrounding oak, pine, and eucalyptus trees native to Southern California. This process allows us to gather natural resources while simultaneously helping to clear the area of dry and flammable materials that may pose a potential fire risk. 

The beauty of the land and the gifts it has to share are nestled at the very heart of the Spiritual Kindling story. 


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They are a truly original gift that can be burned to set and release your intentions into the Universe.
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