"Welcome to Spiritual Kindling, In a time where we can be disconnected from one another and also ourselves, the simplicity of starting a fire with friends or even alone to contemplate life, release negative energy, set intentions or share stories in ceremony is a grounding reminder of our history and connection to one another."


Intention Cards


Intention cards are used to manifest a desire, send a blessing to a loved one or simply put… to make a wish! One of the best ways to do this is by fire!  View and Order Now

Spiritual Kindling Crate Package

Spiritual Kindling crate bundle

Spiritual Kindling crate bundle


The Spiritual Kindling Crate package includes 4 twig bundles and a custom branded reclaimed wooden crate.

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Spiritual Kindling Twig Bundle

photo 3-2Spiritual Kindling is collected by hand from fallen branches of non-endangered Pine, Oak and Eucalyptus trees on our ranch in Malibu.

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